I made sure to tighten each wingnut as well as I could by hand, and it seems to have done the job. It adds the height you need to make this a bed that’s easy to fall into and climb out of which is great if you suffer from back pain. One of the big concerns is its sturdiness. Do I need a box spring with a Zinus Smartbase? Also, a cover helps provide more support for your mattress – especially with slats that are spaced far apart. One of the biggest complaints about this Zinus was regarding the cover. Here are our guidelines: What is the weight limit for a Zinus bed frame? Even if I had gotten a defective part, or I was missing some pieces, I wouldn’t have worried much. Your purchase includes One Zinus Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame, 14-Inches in Narrow Twin Size with all required tools for assembly. Subsequently, it may take up to 12 business days for your order to ship and for you to receive a shipment confirmation. What is the weight limit for a Zinus bed frame? If you’re clumsy like I can be at time, you’ll be grateful for no pointed edges or corners. Zinus' low profile 5'' box spring is perfect for those that want a lower, more streamlined sleeping surface. I recently got my Zinus Smart Box Spring in the mail the other day. Once everything was tightened and all of the slats were in place, I was almost done. The Zinus 9-Inch High Profile Smart design has no springs to speak off, but that’s because it’s an improved version of an old standard. It means that you, your partners, your kids and pets can all crawl onto this mattress foundation without compromising its quality. How long can I try out a Zinus product? After noting how neat and organized the packaging was, I also noticed that there was no foul smell when I unwrapped all the pieces. Plus, there’s just something about an organized and neat package that screams professionalism. Mattress is not included Bed frame dimensions: 30" W x 74.5" L x 14" H. Weight limit: 250 lbs. This is one of the reasons using a box as your foundation is so important for foam and latex mattresses – the added support and flat surface allows the true feel of your mattress to come through. Picking out a box spring is just as important as picking out a mattress, so we’ve written a review for one of the most innovative, supportive box springs out there: the Zinus 9-inch high profile smart box spring.This box spring is durable, supportive, and exceedingly well-made, and if you don’t mind the high profile, it is one of the best box springs on the market today. Bonus: My mattress felt more comfortable than ever. Zinus Armita 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring. You may experience longer than usual response times. So, we're giving you 100 risk-free nights to try out any Zinus mattress and platform bed. Why is it necessary to mention the packaging? SHIPPING DELAYS: While our warehouses are staffed to support your orders, we are currently experiencing shipping delays due to constraints within our shipping partner network. If you are a heavy person and you are looking for a great box spring and mattress combination, then you should not look further than Homus 9 inch box spring. Queen in Home & Garden Overall, though, most people liked the look and feel of the cover. Easy assembly with all the necessary tools included. While defects happen, they don’t seem to happen often with the Zinus Smart Box Spring. The Zinus 9-inch smart box spring manages to look and act like one of those traditional foundations, but without the springs. The wood frame and legs are made of pine to support your memory foam, latex or spring mattress. This mattress is ideal for all types of sleepers and provides plush support. You could file this point under sturdiness, but I think it also applies to craftsmanship: lack of squeakiness. Mattress is not included Bed frame […] However, when those people contacted Zinus, they got the pieces they needed replaced quickly. What is the difference between the Deluxe, Elite and Premium SmartBase? as of November … If you have an extra pair of hands nearby willing to help, ask for it! We do have weight limits, but they are just suggestions. 0 10 Best Zinus Essential Queen Reviews. I waited for help before placing the Zinus on my bed frame – I didn’t want to risk tearing the cover at all. This box spring from Zinus is a great purchase, and it will work with any type of mattress you have, whether it’s a traditional innerspring type, memory foam, latex, or a mix of all three. You might be interested in: The Best Box Spring for the Casper Mattress. Most users reported easy assembly, but many agreed that it was a long process. Due to the pandemic of coronavirus (COVID-19), the strength of our support staff has been impacted globally. Simply tighten here … A few people who reviewed Zinus mentioned squeaks, but they were few and far between. We may also review products we’ve received for free. 21 new from $83.00. There was no squeakiness at all when I laid on the bed, turned, got out of bed, or bounced around a bit. Do I need any tools to assemble my Zinus platform bed? Zinus Tom Metal Platform Bed Frame – Best All-Metal Zinus Bed Frame. Space between slats: 3.5”. Some of these new foundations kept the name, but don’t come with a cover. Without a cover, the frame is exposed, and if there are any splinters or bent pieces, you could potentially damage your mattress with your box spring. Buy Zinus Demetric 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation / for Big and Tall / Extra Strong Support / Platform Bed Frame / Box Spring Replacement / Sturdy / Quiet Noise Free / Non-Slip, Twin, SM-SC-PRSK-14-T, Black: Bed Frames - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases The measurements of this twin-sized box are slightly smaller than a standard mattress, but that allows your mattress to sit almost flush on the foundation.
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