You can set it to BackUp and RAW/JPEG as well but I never use these. You can adjust your personal Q menu in the “Edit/Save Quick Menu” setting in the X-H1’s Set Up menu. The Velvia and Astia Emulations give the LV Screen image a color boost and the ACROS Emulation lets me view the potential of a B+W image. This has five ‘Sets’ with specific values set for Tracking Sensitivity, Speed Tracking Sensitivity and Zone Area Switching. In order to display images on the web correctly (or on a customer’s computer) you must convert them to sRGB. The one function that sets the Fujifilm X-H1 apart from all other cameras in the X series range is the addition of In Body Image Stabilisation (IBIS), which allows up to 5.5 stops of stabilization. ONE PRICE GETS YOU ALL THREE DRM-FREE FILES! Required fields are marked *. I am impressed by the level of details. For street work, or people, I will use RAW + JPEG Fine and I will employ the Fuji Film Emulations. The new mirrorless camera had quite a few new “add ons” compared to the FujiFilm X-T2. Thanks again for stopping by. Or, purchase a printed copy in either Color or B&W. I’m trying to entice you to buy my book! The best one I’ve seen regarding Fuji X settIngs. Once the opus is complete, the other formats will be created and you will automatically receive all updates.). But if you tackle it in chunks it is not too bad and it will help you gain control over your camera. Owner’s Manual ; New Features Guide ; Introduction. Mine begins in 1989. Do you have a particular lens always on one camera over the other? Why would you limit yourself from the start to work with the smaller color space if you can easily convert after. Thanks” – Bob Rogers, “I have finished skimming Tony’s book and it was totally worth the investment and time…I so appreciate Tony putting things together and moving on a faster learning curve towards getting the camera mastered and out of the way.”  – David Yeiter, “I owned the x100 for a few years and upgraded to the x100s about 9 months ago. I have both of my cameras set this way and with the turn of the on-button, and a quick read of the light, I am shooting instantaneously. Der Bildstabilisator ist einer davon. If you have any questions please drop me a comment. I’vve had a quick look through your spreadsheet and already it’s been more helpful than the manual.” – A/Prof. To set up your screen go to the Set Up Menu > Screen Set Up > Disp. Lots of good ideas here! For Manual Focus I use Focus Peaking. Your power of “T” section just makes the fuji camera more comfortable to use for me than i had initially realised. Previously I would be forced to use a monopod when shooting in low light with my XF56mm and XF90mm lenses. The X-H1: Built like a tank! * Explains why all glass (Fuji lenses) are not born equal. Noise Reduction: I have this set to 0 as my default. Also, with a proper calibrated monitor and proper software, of course you can display an sRGB Image in its proper color space side by side with an aRGB Image. But, I post heavily to the web, and I print so my workflow is built around this with calibrated monitors and printers/printer profiles/soft proofing. I have my Exposure Brackets set to 1-Stop apart. Thanks again. The last thing you need to be doing during the moment of capture is to fumble with your camera or the settings. * Covers every mode, menu, button, function, and socket. My main focus is portrait photography…, I work on torture prevention. * Has a great tutorial to help you master the ins and outs of RAW. Now, while the focus of this post is centered around my Fuji cameras, I will say that the best set-up is the one that works for you and makes you feel confident as you operate your camera. It is idiot proof. But if you are shooting more in JPEG than I would suggest shooting some test images with the various settings and see which you prefer. Depending on your needs you can choose to keep the colors 1:1, that does mean some truncation will happen at the edges. But I use them even in shooting RAW as a Live View Screen setting to get a sense of what a final image might look like. Camera Settings. I never have this on unless I am shooting a very long exposure such as a star trail. For me a very welcome addition. This is quite handy for micro manipulation of the Histogram. Written for Fujifilm’s outstanding X-H1 camera, this is This is EVERYTHING X-H1 explained in easy to understand language! The X-H1 in plain English! Fujifilm X100V Fujifilm GFX 50S Fujifilm X-A10 Fujifilm X-H1 Fujifilm XF 18mm F2 R +7 more. ), gives everyone who buys his book a PDF copy of “Phone Companion Settings”. It will not effect RAW captured files. To view the manual translated into other languages using Google's machine translation feature, select [OTHERS]. There is a good reason why Fuji has so many menu options and customizations. This page can be viewed from smartphones and tablets. Hi Robert, Thank you. But Wait! I hardly ever vary this as it can be manipulated in post processing. When saving an Adobe RGB file in sRGB mode, you are cutting off (and losing) those parts of the color spectrum. Richard. When the dial is set to ‘A’ that parameter will be set automatically by the camera. Required fields are marked *. I’d be interested to hear what your thinking is when you select one camera over the other as there doesn’t seem to be an obvious subject bias between the post examples i.e. In the next section, we will take a deep dive into the camera menu in order to set it up optimally. Fuji’s Distance Scale is nothing short of brilliant. In Verbindung mit FUJINON Objektiven liefert die Kamera Fotos und Videos von unerreichter Qualität. There are some amazing tricks so helpful, one that I most like until now is the trick to change ISO quickly (page 134), thank you for that!” – Danilo Siqueira, “Your book is the most informative one of all the Fuji X books or ebooks that I own with lots of tips that I hadn’t been aware of.” – Michael Zapf, “The guide is brilliant, thanks! In der FUJIFILM X-H1 kommen ein 24,3 Megapixel X-Trans CMOS III APS-C-Sensor ohne Tiefpassfilter sowie der leistungsfähige X-Prozessor Pro zum Einsatz. And in order to do that you need to learn the operations of your camera system forwards and backwards, develop an understanding of how you want to approach your photography, and then practice until it becomes automatic. Meanwhile the 'Eterna/Cinema' Film simulation is designed to give 'soft,' low-saturation footage with low contrast but distinct shadows. Thanks so much Gary. Written for Fujifilm’s outstanding X-H1 camera, this is This is EVERYTHING X-H1 explained in easy to understand language! RAW Recording is set to Uncompressed. The combined updates in firmware 2.0 and 2.10 see a worthy increase in functionality, bringing some highly desirable features. The camera will lock focus at that point and you can then press the shutter button as many times as you wish without the camera changing focus. The structure of the work is perfect to explore all the functions with a gradual in depth analysis. As a result, most ended up dismissing the X-H1, while many reviewers negatively criticized the camera, especially once the specifications of the X-T3 started surfacing on the Internet. In approaching this, I have started with the button settings and then we'll move onto the menus. Purchase price includes epub/mobi files when available! Setting up a preset to balance a series of images is quite easy, and because I shoot specifically RAW I can make WB adjustments quite easily and too taste. Your email address will not be published. Changing the color space after editing will change the look of ALL colors including those that lie within BOTH color spaces. Owners of every experience level will learn from Tony’s detailed and enjoyable guidance. I almost never shoot in JPEG Mode, preferring to shoot RAW for maximum capture of data. Auto-WB won’t matter (much) assuming RAW using Lightroom as you can ‘sync’ WB across a series of photos. Kind regards, John: Fuji Cameras are particularly good with reading WB, and across a variety of scenes and lighting situations. You can assign the various FN Buttons by going to the Set Up Menu > Button/Dial Setting > FN/AE-L/AF-L Button Setting, and work through the diagrams. Correcting by data is the only reliable way of producing correct colors so it doesn’t matter what your monitor can display in the end. An example would be taking pictures indoors in the evening. This usually gets me to within a stop or so of the right reading when I take a shot. He is recommended by MirrorLessons as one of 6 Authors of Mirrorless Camera Manuals Whose Books You’ll Actually Enjoy Reading. This is the same for the AE-L Button. And when you have control of the camera , it does not have control over you. It shifts it into the sRGB space which of course will have a slight change(which i don’t know how you would notice if your monitors can’t display Adobe RGB), but you’re about to edit the image anyway so what does that small shift matter? I almost always shoot in Manual Mode, and to be clear I set the Aperture, the ISO, and the Shutter Speed. The captured image on the LV screen comes in nice and clean and coupled with the histogram informs my exposure decisions moving forward. But if I need a quick bracket set I can switch to this in the Drive Mode. I needed this book desperately.” – Fabian Longo, “Thanks, Tony. For my camera’s I have made sure that the button assignments I use are the same on each camera body. The Most Comprehensive Guide on the X-Pro2, The Complete Guide to Sony’s Alpha 58 SLT Camera. His work can be found in private collections, exhibits and publications for the National Park Service, museums, galleries, and internationally for corporate clients. This is largely centered around crafting an image with good foreground to back ground sharpness. Mac. Dominic Robertson, Your EBOOK is excellent….clear and easy to understand. Great write up Robert, one the most informative and intuitive explanations of the fuji x system to date . Power your camera by AC power if possible. There’s more…. Framing guides are not shown at default settings but can be displayed using SCREEN SET-UP > DISP. And that conversion matches the master without question. With a revised design, improved video specs and bumps to performance in numerous areas, the X-H1 certainly looks to be the most capable and versatile X Series camera to date. high end print) demand this color space. Because the Command Dial moves in 1/3-stop increments as well, I can make micro adjustments to the exposure too. Steve MacDonald, Really enjoying your book on the X-Pro2 for the detail and also the tone, which is very refreshing after all those technical books that make you want to go to sleep! Wonderful article, i use some of the methods you have mentioned already, but require more practice. The FUJIFILM X-H1 uses the APS-C size X-Trans™ CMOS III sensor (24.30 million pixels, without low-pass filter) and the high-speed image processing engine X-Processor Pro. Die X-H1 ist aus mehreren Gründen eine sehr gute Lowlight-Kamera. Please understand that I won’t be able to follow this any further. 700 pages of information, knowledge, and wisdom in multiple formats for ONLY USD $31.45!! Most people, especially those starting out with these cameras, will benefit with learning how to shoot them before going on to manipulate WB. Please do some research. Those problems you talk about are nonexistent. HD framing can be customized using FUJIFILM Tether Shooting Plug-in PRO or Hyper-Utility Software HS-V5. This can only happen when you are engaged with the scene before you and not buried deep in your menus. The Distance Scale can be set in feet or meters based on your preference, and to set this go to the Set Up Menu > Screen Set Up > Focus Scale Units > Feet. Thanks so much. Then in Post you can pull back the strong reds to an sRGB Range. More often than not I don’t do this as I am always making my brackets while looking at the histogram. CUSTOM SETTING (DISP. To the left is the Exposure Compensation Scale; to the lower right, the Histogram; and the Focus Distance Scale along the bottom. Thanks. Thanks for assuming that I haven’t done my research. Your writing style is concise, to the point and very easy to follow. So I want the maximum capture of information. Hi Robert, Thank you for all of the great information I love this camera. I keep this eBook PDF in Dropbox on my laptop, tablet and iPhone so it is always within reach as I travel. Excellent! Finding all kinds of helpful info on settings, etc. If you are using multiple cameras, it gets even more vital to get this accurate. Shooting in Adobe RGB only makes sense when your entire post production chain is capable of displaying that color space.
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