Both give priority to the state over individual but we know that Marxian communism is a stateless society; the state of dictatorship of proletariat is only a transitional phase, the state of political emancipation, on the way to communism, the state of human emancipation. Plato’s Theory of Communism (Including 2 Forms of Communism)! He advises the superior men not only against following the example of rascals and criminals but also not that of women (II, 96-97). Ernest Barker calls Platonic communism as half communism. If we have to keep our folk at the highest pitch of excellence, there should be as much union of the best of both the sexes and as few of the inferior as possible and the offspring of the better unions should be kept (as guardians). “The worthy men and women, who have special accomplishments in the service of state must be coupled together more often for superior offspring’s. Disclaimer 9. Plato’s theory of communism that is used as one of instruments of consolidation of the hierarchically ‘well ordered’ state through perpetuating class-division and class-domination, the other instrument being the education. It is also to be noted that when the capitalist world was reeling under the great depression, USSR beginning from the scratch under the state controlled planned development not only remained unaffected but also emerged as a big economic and military power. The execution of Socrates proved to be the turning point of Plato's life . In the classical, Marxistdefinition (G.A. Keywords: Capitalism, Civil society, Communism, Community, Economic management, Equality, Freedom, Lenin, Marx, Social democracy, Socialism. Image Guidelines 5. The philosophers and warriors are the embodiments of the cardinal virtues, wisdom and courage respectively; therefore they must save themselves from getting trapped into lowly faculty – the apatite, the desires and passions are whose mean attributes. Further, the guardians, instead of caring for the welfare of their progeny, would thrive for the welfare of all. This belief was mainly due to the widespread and frank opinions expressed by the Greeks that economic motives are very influential in determining political action and political affiliations. Plato's theory of Forms or theory of Ideas[1] [2] [3] asserts that non-material abstract (but substantial) forms (or ideas), and not the material world of change known to us through sensation, possess the highest and most fundamental kind of reality. By Kyle Smith. Appetite would blunt their reason or spirit and disturb the balanced equilibrium of the relationship between individual and the collectivity that would be detrimental to justice. B. Philosophically, Plato’s theory is based on spiritual idealist principles consequent to his basic assumptions about eternity, transcendence and the trilogy of the soul, whereas Marx’s is based on the principles of dialectical materialism linked with historical materialism that could be empirically verified. Plato's real name was Aristocles.He excelled in the study of music , mathematics ,poetry and rhetoric . Marxian dialectics aims at the comprehension and interpretation of the contradictions of the system and the dynamics of the quantitative evolutionary and qualitative revolutionary changes. The idea of a classless and stateless society based on communal ownership of property and wealth also stretches far back in Western thought long before The Communist Manifesto.There are scholars who have traced communist ideas back to ancient times, particularly in the work of Pythagoras and Plato. Thinking about the state. Plato met with Socrates in 407 BC and became his desciple . Economically, Plato deprives the ruling classes from property to uncorrupted efficient class rule over the producing classes, Marxism seeks to abolish the private ownership of the means of production and replace it with the collective ownership of the producers, themselves. [5] Plato speaks of these On the question of women striping off in front men exercising with them, Socrates, though stops short of absolute equality on the ground of perceived weakness of the physical strength, yet placed in its historical context, it is an insignificant.
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