Danube Wave Cake “Donauwelle” is a popular German Cherry Chocolate Marble Cake that tastes like the traditional recipe Grandma used to make! They taste good, but I get, say 3 cherries off a 15 foot tree. Worth it to me as I have 3 other varieties anyway. Good intense flavor with a fair amount of sweetness (but nothing like sweet cherries). I have all three of the hungarian cherries. I’ve had Jubileum for about 8 years. I have Danube, too, planted in 2011. Thanks for answering. This year I thought I would be giving cherries away. A small taste at the end of a meal with some fresh peaches or apricots would also make a perfect dessert. If I only had room for one tart cherry then it would have to be Montmorency or Evans based on yield. The magic ingredient that lends Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte its signature taste is Schwarzwälder Kirschwasser, a cherry liqueur that is a specialty of the Black Forest region. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. just loaded with flowers. Score: 92 with 33 ratings and reviews. I have already grafted a North Star to it. It tastes almost as good as balaton so I don’t miss the trees terribly. Feel free to contact us! We love reviews! Tree is still small but I have my doubts about keeping it . It has thin new growth and after the strong wind or the heavy rain I often find a couple of branches broken under their own weight. Still, if I were you I’d hold on to the tree a little longer. John S It can be served as an aperitif or be paired with fish or poultry dishes, pizzas or deserts. John S I was impressed that there were 2 or 3 tart little cherries the same year I planted it from a bare-root twig. At the last place I planted a North Star Dwarf Cherry Tree. I think I’m going to graft Surefire, Montmorency or Balaton to it. Never had a chance to get it before birds. PDX OR. Taste and texture make this an outstanding variety. I chopped my Northstar to use it as rootstock. I had three balaton tart cherry trees on my property. I think it still needs cross pollination. This one will be released in December most likely. It is not quite as sweet but since sugar is added in cooking you don’t really notice the difference (its also not very much difference). And a stunning castle overlooks the city from its perch high above the Danube, like a cherry on top of a luscious marzipan cake. Score: n/a with 2 ratings and reviews. The early one produced OK for the first time for the size of the tree. Danube Wave Cake “Donauwelle” is a popular German Cherry Chocolate Marble Cake that tastes like the traditional recipe Grandma used to make! Cherry leaf spot and OFM damage is less evident on them then on my Vandalay cherry. It’s fire. Turn your rating into one with ≥ 150 characters. If I ever plant North Star again, I will make absolutely sure it has good mulch to or even beyond the drip line, so it has no stress when a young tree. The next one to ripen only produced about 5 lbs. As one the premier MDF board suppliers in Dubai, Sharjah, and other parts of UAE , we offer superior range of wood panels and boards in different designs and finishes to address the distinct taste of our clients. Although its flavour was smooth and round, the sweetness is extreme and it begs for a large piece of seared duck liver to counter its cloying intensity. It also it super productive. Aging potential 2-3 years. My Balaton is too little to bear yet. It put on almost no growth the first year and had some sort of leaf issue. Each place has some advantages. This is 4th year, it has about 45 cherries on the whole tree. I think it is the darker color red cherry that brings them in. It always is a very poor producer. Danube is such a poor producer, it’s not worth planting. I wonder if season length has something to do with it? SWEETHEART A self-fertile variety which produces red to dark red fruits very late in the season. The Cut: Danube Sour Cherry is a Farmhouse Ale - Saison style beer brewed by Casey Brewing & Blending in Glenwood Springs, CO. Balaton and Surefire are young enough that they taste good, but I don’t know how much fruit I’ll get. I think I have about 17 Balaton trees. What is your opinion on the taste of each, please? Based on flavor it depends. Intensely sweet with a straw yellow colour, this wine is not for everyone. It seduces with its hints of strawberry, raspberry and cherry as well as with its freshness and long-lasting taste. It features a delicious sponge cake with cherries, chocolate, and vanilla pudding cream that everyone will love (also known as “Snow White Cake”)! It produces a dark red, juicy fruit. PDX OR. I’ve never harvested much off of it but this year it really kicked into production and probably produced about 40 lbs. Northstar has far far more on a not too much bigger tree. 5 Cherry Jam. Bel Lago Cherry Port is a rich blend of the Hungarian tart cherry varieties Danube and Balaton along with the popular Montmorency. Posted by nw on 4th Oct 2020 We love this jam! Juicy Danube cherries have a complex sweet-tart flavor that is excellent for pies, desserts, sauces and drying. Danube Cherry ™ This unique, self-fertile variety is one of Hungary’s favorites. Cross pollination is not an issue. Order fruit trees online from the state-of-the-art Raintree Nursery. The fruits from this Schmidt x Lambert cross are large and taste quite like Bing cherries, but are more crack-resistant and a bit darker red in color. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Sour Cherry, Pie Cherry (Prunus cerasus) 'Danube' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's Garden. The ‘Ulster’ cherry is a midseason cultivar. Very stingy producer. I have already grafted Montmorency on them, which, like for most people, is my real MVP of the pie cherries. Your Go-To Resource for Beer. Now that I have my deer fence pretty much completed, my plan is to start experimenting with some of the Romance bush cherries. It is extra sweet so you can pick them just a tad early and get some before the birds. « Montmorency – This is my favorite cherry, primarily because I can get it to reliably fruit. All of our products have a satisfaction guarantee. It has 5-10 cherries at the moment, but should have a lot more based on the size of the tree. The other two got hit hard with cherry leaf spot and winter injury. All three taste good. Monty has a unique flavor which to me defines what a cherry pie should taste like. | Respect Beer®. Also my favorite as very sweet and turns purple when ripe. Balaton are by far the best producers. In fact, I would suggest planting balaton cherry if you have an interest in colorful migratory birds because they will all visit your tree at harvest time. It seemed to have more resistant to disease and pests. I will graft other sour cherry on it next year. Cherry-red in the glass, this Bulgarian Pinot Noir has aromas of black cherry, red raspberry, mocha and cocoa powder. I think there’s a reason that it is #1 in the USA. I agree with your opinion of North Star, I’ve had great luck with mine. Danube Group can provide you with the materials solutions you need to build an environment that meets your needs and requirements. I may graft something else onto it . I also have a Montmorency, which after 2 years in a pot is now planted (no production yet). I agree w/ John. High sugar content -- designed for eating fresh, out of hand." 5 Danube Big Cherry Preserves ... who was to provide us with the cherry on top of our perfect confection of cruising, history and culture. It produced about 12 lbs. If left till they get really dark they all pretty much taste the same to me. Last update: 11-20-2019. PDX OR, Poorwolf, It’s cold sensitive and likes to grow near bodies of water. The dark morello types do have a stronger cherry flavor. It is starting to ripen right now. Explain why you're giving this rating. I will just graft other varieties on it. Very good eating sour cherries, they also made very good jellies, but there was never a lot of them. The birds preferred it too. I’m still trying to reduce potted plants to temporary storage for rootstocks and seedlings- no more buying trees planning to grow them in pots. P lease call the store (740) 763-2873 for … Jubileum is borderline acceptable. Fabulous flavor, earlier ripening than Montmorency, few to no fruit fly maggots. The cherries are purple, so they’re red before they’re ripe and birds steal them, but I won’t eat them at that stage. Read the full review of Summer Sun here. After last year’s poor crop, my tart cherries were John S COTE DU DANUBE ROSE. I’m still keeping Balaton. It is growing very good. This premium cherry fetches top dollar at market. Erdi Botermo: "An exciting red-juiced type from the breeding rogram in Hungary. A royalty of $1.25 is added to the price of this tree. Never saw any pollinators all week on them when usually the bees and other insects are out in big numbers when my cherries bloom. Dark red skin, dark red flesh, dark red juice. Last update: 06-09-2020. Serve between 8 and 10°C. I’ve planted fruit trees at every house we’ve owned (we’re on our third). I used to have three of the Hungarian ones and now I just have one large Monty in the spot where I had four trees. I have already grafted Montmorency on them, which, like for most people, is my real MVP of the pie cherries… Each year I think it’s going to produce and it never does. Great for fresh eating and canning. With the exception of mildew, disease resistance is good overall. Awarded an RHS AGM in 2004 which was reconfirmed in 2014. The tree is scheduled to be bagged this week, as the Cat birds are starting to steal (eat) the green cherries! Prunus cerasus ‘Danube’ Medium to large, dark red fruits are sweeter than Montmorency. Danube is the sweetest and Jubileum the most complex and coolest color, but, like I said if you get 5 cherries off of a fully grown, 8 year old tree, it’s time to chop it and graft something else on it. Sorry so see all my cherries are very light again on fruit set because of this. Fortified with cherry spirits, the port is 19% (38 proof) and has a hint of sweetness to it.
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