The foundation’s plan is getting worldwide attention, which could help bolster funding for the restoration project, operational costs, the establishment of an endowment and the hiring of staff, including the current search for an executive director. The mission of the Yerkes Future Foundation is to preserve and protect Yerkes Observatory, celebrate its history and continue to foster its goals of research, education and astronomical observation by providing the … Check back often to see how this organization’s score changes. We are excited to begin the next phase of restoration, preservation, programming and research at this historic observatory. There’s much to do virtually in the week ahead. Much of the funding will be used to restore the 60,000-square-foot building and its three main domes, each with its own telescope. We encourage nonprofit organizations to submit their data with Candid. “Any astronomy buff would think that this is the Holy Grail of astronomy,” Struble said as he stood on the steps of the main entrance. The foundation is a nonprofit group that was organized to resurrect Yerkes Observatory after the University of Chicago last year announced that the … EIN: 83-0802129. Jon Derbigny, of Chicago, was pronounced dead Monday due to complications from a cervical spine injury sustained in the crash, the medical examiner’s office said. Struble knows every inch of the 48-acre property, which, despite its age, remains relevant and appears to have decades ahead of it. Yerkes built mass transportation systems in Chicago and London and was asked to fund the project by the president of the University of Chicago and George Ellery Hale, a young professor at the university who wanted to study the sun. "There are the votes to outright end marijuana prohibition in the Senate. Just when we need it, here’s a holiday reminder there are an awful lot of truly good people in this world. Over the next several months, both organizations will be working … It’s all housed in a dome that’s 90 feet across with a slit to provide views of the universe from a hill on the northwestern shore of Geneva Lake in Walworth County. Check back later for updates. The foundation for the observatory, which was first funded by a Chicago millionaire, wants to bring back tours and programs by spring 2021. IRS Forms 990 are provided courtesy of Foundation Center. The outage affects 163 Nexstar-owned stations in various markets across the country. Share your impact data to update your score. Charity Navigator will provide an assessment of the organization’s leadership capacity, strategic planning, and the ability to readily innovate or respond to changes in constituent demand/need or other relevant social and economic conditions to achieve the organization’s mission. The IRS' NTEE classification is University or Technological Institute within the Educational Institutions and Related Activities category. The 64-foot-long steel telescope tube holds two 40-inch diameter lenses cast in Paris, ground and polished in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and together weigh about 500 pounds. Yerkes Future Foundation Inc. is currently unrated by Charity Navigator. Former Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler linked to Selena Gomez after pair spotted dining together in NYC. ", U.S. House could vote to lift nationwide pot prohibition this week — but McConnell could block effort even with weed-friendly Biden presidency looming. It would make for a fantastic dance floor, but the 37.5-ton platform’s sole purpose at Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay is to provide convenient access to the world’s largest refracting telescope. Here’s what we know today about the continuing spread of the coronavirus and its ripple effects in Chicago and Illinois. The mission of the Yerkes Future Foundation (“YFF”) is to preserve and protect Yerkes Observatory, celebrate its history and continue to foster its goals of research, education and astronomical observation. GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country. We also track accountability and transparency policies to ensure the good governance and integrity of the organization. This does not indicate a positive or negative assessment, only that we have not reached a conclusion for the following reason: The lack of a rating for this reason simply means that the organization does not meet our rating criteria. John W Briggs < > 5 Nov at 16:42 Here (below) is the announcement relayed by Dianna Colman of Yerkes Future Foundation. The Yerkes Future Foundation would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement over the past two years. Yerkes said that with Hale, she worked with Tom Meneghini, director of the Mt. Find out why. “We’re getting a lot of knocks on the door,” Nichols said. For Dianna Colman, chairman of the Yerkes Future Foundation, the observatory has long been part of her life as a Williams Bay … We provide links to all available 990s here, whether or not this organization is eligible for a Finance & Accountability score. From 1897, when it opened, to 1908, Yerkes housed the largest operating telescope of any type in the world. The nonprofit is not heavily reliant on individual donors because beneficiaries fund a majority of its costs or it does not receive any private charitable contributions. Man stabs 6 in self-defense against attack by girlfriend’s friends and relatives in Carol Stream: police. The university donated the observatory, several telescopes and 49 acres near Geneva Lake to the Yerkes Future Foundation – created in 2018 by a group of local residents. By Oren Oppenheim. Learn more about GlobalGiving.Note: GlobalGiving Badges do not effect the nonprofit’s Impact & Results score. Tom Nichols, a member of the foundation’s board, an investment manager and a conservationist who sits on the Geneva Lake Conservancy board, said the observatory has been primarily a self-contained entity for the University of Chicago but can now be used by a wide range of universities, colleges and independent researchers and provide more access to the public. “For the past 123 years, that has never been the case.”. Leaders from the University and YFF discussed terms of the agreement in March at a meeting of the Village of Williams Bay Plan Commission. There is a video from the virtual NEAF this year featuring Dianna Colman, chair of the Yerkes Future Foundation (, where she discusses the plans of the foundation for the observatory and at the end introduces the foundation's website and email. In April, Dianna Colman, chairwoman of the foundation who has extensive fundraising experience, was invited to speak about Yerkes to the Northeast Astronomy Forum, the world’s largest astronomy and space expo. The mayor’s office called the comments "racist. The foundation plans to eventually reopen the observatory for research, educational programs, public tours and events. The locally founded Yerkes Future Foundation received the observatory building and its grounds in early May as a gift from the University of Chicago. Note: This data is only available if this charity has at least one year of e-file Form 990 data. The University of Chicago and the Yerkes Future Foundation (YFF) are pleased to announce an agreement in principle for transfer of ownership of Yerkes Observatory and related property located in Williams Bay, Wisconsin to the Yerkes Future Foundation. The IRS ruling year for tax exemption was 2019. There’s a full machine shop, two homes that will be renovated for visiting scholars and researchers and, besides the 90-foot dome that holds the Great Refractor, five other smaller domes with telescopes. It does not indicate a positive or negative assessment by Charity Navigator. A new foundation, the Yerkes Future Foundation (YFF), today sent an “Expression of Interest” letter to David Chiaro, associate VP of the University of Chicago, indicating that concerned citizens of the Geneva Lake areas have come together as a cohesive organization with the desire to work with the university regarding the transfer of ownership of Yerkes … Charity Navigator evaluates a nonprofit organization’s financial health including measures of stability, efficiency and sustainability. Learn about the Encompass Rating System: Announcement | FAQ | Release Notes. Dianna Colman, Yerkes Future Foundation. Only it’s not just a local effort. Over the next several … Scott Williams, Regional News Yerkes restoration begins - 6. Do you work at Yerkes Future Foundation Inc.? Share your impact data to update your score. In Illinois, 12% of the businesses and nonprofits getting federal Paycheck Protection Program COVID-19 emergency relief loans gobbled up 74% of the cash. Preservation group announces big plans for Yerkes Observatory, ‘Real Housewives’ star Erika Jayne accused in scheme to embezzle from Lion Air settlements, A Chicago law firm is accusing Erika Jayne and her husband of leading "opulent" and "notoriously lavish lifestyles," pointing to $40,000 per month she reportedly spends on her "look. JOHN HART, STATE JOURNAL … Click here for more information.Note: GuideStar Seals do not effect the nonprofit’s Impact & Results Score. We have not issued this nonprofit a Finance & Accountability score. “It has to be revitalized. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Dianna Colman and is located at Po Box 346, Williams Bay, WI 53191. Albert Einstein walked its surface in 1921. The University of Chicago and the Yerkes Future Foundation (YFF) are pleased to announce an agreement in principle for transfer of ownership of Yerkes Observatory and related property located in Williams Bay, Wisconsin, to the Yerkes Future Foundation. The halls of Yerkes are lined with historic photos that show images of researchers, astronauts and expeditions by Yerkes staff to the South Pole for observations at the Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica. It is 73 feet in diameter, considered the world’s largest indoor elevator and can rise 26 feet. The Yerkes Future Foundation would like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement over the past two years. Yerkes Future Foundation committee members Chuck Ebeling and Dianna Colman look over the library of the Yerkes Observatory in Williams Bay. Please check this site frequently for updates and information. “If all this was going to be was a dusty museum, it wouldn’t be worth it,” Colman told the Wisconsin State Journal during a recent tour of the observatory. In order to save the observatory, a group of approximately 45 concerned individuals formed the Yerkes Future Foundation. The university opened the observatory in 1897 and closed it to the public on Oct. 1, 2018. History of Yerkes Observatory The University of Chicago announced March 10 that it had donated the historic Williams Bay landmark and 50 surrounding acres to the private Yerkes Future Foundation. “It’s in great shape for being 123 years old,” said Ed Struble, who has been the director of building and grounds at Yerkes for nearly 30 years and is continuing that role with the foundation.