Kadalundi River (Kadalundipuzha) is one of the four most important rivers flowing through Malappuram district in Kerala. The river contributes to the agricultural wealth of Kuttanad, the ricebowl of Kerala. Marble clouds offset green islets. Each year, on our annual vacation to Kerala, there was one unforgettable sight that announced our proximity to home – The Bharathapuzha or River Nila. The shrine of Sabarimala of Lord Shastha (Ayyappan) which draws millions of pilgrims stands on its hilly bank. This course discusses the detailed study of the important rivers of Kerala. More about Kerala history. List of important events and years in Kerala History, myths about the origination of Kerala etc. Among the more important rivers that flow to the Arabian Sea are the Ponnani (Bharatapuzha), Periyar, Chalakudi, and Pamba. Kerala has 11 rivers which are more than 100 Km long. One of the most well-known examples of using a river to further a civilization is the Egyptians' use of the Nile River. Manimala River. ... excavate and conserve the monuments of historical importance. Periyar River Dam on the Periyar River, Idukki, Kerala, India. Image by Chippu Abraham via Flickr Among the 44 rivers of the state, Bharathapuzha, otherwise known as River Nila has a unique dimension in the socio-cultural and ecological realm of Kerala. The other three are the Chaliyar, the Bharathappuzha and the Tirur River. The most important of Kerala's forty-four rivers include the Periyar (244 km in length), the Bharathapuzha (209 km), the Pamba River (176 km),the chaliyar river(169) the Chalakudy Puzha(144 km), the Kadalundipuzha (130 km), and the Achancoil (128 km). In some rivers, such as the Nile River in Egypt, the mouths have silt deposits. The rivers of Kerala are small, in terms of length, breadth and water discharge.The rivers flow faster, owing to the hilly terrain and as the short … Kerala is the land of water and water bodies. In Kerala, most of the rivers descents into the Arabian sea. The end of the river is known as the "mouth." KERALA THE LAND OF RIVERS /FISHES WATERFALLS/ BEACH/ LAKE/ DAMS/ RESERVOIR/ ESTUARIES/ LAGOONS Kerala state is well known in tourism due to its natural beauty. Kerala History. About the various peroids of Kerala history, kings and rulers of Kerala, arrival of Europeans, freedom struggle etc. Muvattupuzha is the river which flows through most of the districts in Kerala. Periyar and Bharathapuzha were the only two rivers in Kerala which are having a length of more than 200 Km. It is flowing through 4 districts. As everywhere in the world, river systems have played an important role in shaping the social, historical and cultural heritage of Kerala. This rain-fed river is 110 kilometres (68 mi) long and is one of the most important rivers in the district. It is the only river of Kerala that passes across the amazing land mass of Western Ghats through the Palakkad Gap. It is a land of rivers with variety of fresh water fishes. 42 of them flow westward and 3 eastward. In an unfailing ritual, year on year, my parents would point through the window at an abundant, scenic river seeking the horizon. Landmarks in Kerala history; Mythology; Mamankam Mnay consider it equal to a dip in The Ganga. Land of 44 rivers with countless waterfalls, beaches, lake, dams, reservoirs, estuaries and lagoons. 20:23 Cities on Banks of Rivers, GK, GK List, Indian Cities on River Banks, Kerala PSC, LGS GK, PSC GK Questions, Town on Banks of Rivers Check out the list of important cities lying on the banks of Rivers. It includes some questions about Kerala rivers and explanations. 2. Details about the history of Kerala. Kerala Historical Research Society . These silt deposits build up to create a delta area and also create fertile farmland. A bath in Pampa is a must before “darshan” of the Lord. There are 45 rivers in Kerala, all but three originating in the Western Ghats. The timber from the interior forest floated down the rivers and collected at Kallayi and Beypore, made them international centers of ship construction and naval techniques.