He is often described to have a "movie star-worthy smile." Sophie says that Fitz being injured by the arthropleura was one of the most horrible things she ever saw. Fitz is shown to be very protective of her. In fact, there’s something I have to tell you—'. Hair Color He is shown to love his sister, Biana, very much, and spends time making gifts for Sophie. Everglen • Dawnheath • Mistmead. It’s revealed he first had a crush on Sophie when he was impaled by the Arthropleura. Fitz helps Sophie during her ability reset, and visits her while she is recovering. Sophie transmits to Fitz, telling him how lonely she is. hide bio. ", When they agree to be there for each other, Fitz says, "just trust me, Sophie. Fitz is sometimes freaked out because of his abilities to control shadows. Fitz beams when. Alvar is Fitz's older brother. 'If you want to stop hanging out with me—' (Sophie says this to Fitz and then he responds with) 'I told you, I’m in. We don't see them converse too much in the books, but they are still friends. Your prompt is: Human! Fitz, Sophie, Linh, Tam, and their bodyguards went to Keefe's room to see if there was anything related to the Neverseen, playing Boys vs. Lost Cities Keeper Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. He stepped closer, reaching for her hands and sounding so adorably shy as he told her, "But... if you want some, I'd go get them in a heartbeat." In Flashback, Fitz breaks his home crystal and decided he was leaving Everglen because his brother, Alvar Vacker, was sentenced to live there. she asked, hating her voice for cracking. " Stanning Fitz Vacker Here to provide your dose of Fitzphie | SFW | Content mod on the KotLC wiki | Header credit @suldreen-saga. I trust you, too.” Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities: "She liked them [the cognate rings], a little too much actually.". I didn’t realize that was a lot to ask.” (pg. Fitz is also capable of levitating. Age I trust you. Fitz also cries when Keefe joined the Neverseen. Six as of Book 7: Flashback The soft flutter of his long, dark eyelashes. Fitz hands her a box, and inside is a teal heart necklace. Together Sophie and Fitz collect Quintessence (after a special moment under the stars) to create Frissyn and stop the Everblaze. Ships Fitz+ Sophie, Biana+ Tam, Biana+ Dex, Alvar+?? They try to go save Prentice in Exile. Fitz suggests that they stand super close to recreate the moment of trust. Sophie being injured is what terrifies Fitz the most. Ambi Hemisphere • Left Hemisphere • Right Hemisphere, Staff That boy is, “Sophie had just enough strength left to wrap her mind around the gleaming shards and transmit a call for Fitz’s help. YOU ARE READING. When Alvar is helping the Black Swan destroy Ravagog, he proves to be a traitor, who was working with the Neverseen the entire time. Councillors (current and former) Fitz), Dex ♥ Keefe ♥ Linh ♥ Sophie ♥ Marella♥ Keefe and Sophie, Sophie ♥ Dex ♥ Tam ♥ Marella ♥ Jensi ♥ Keefe ♥ Linh ♥ Linh and Sophie, Pairings with Dexter Alvin Dizznee (a.k.a Dex), Sophie ♥ Biana ♥ Tam ♥ Keefe ♥ Linh ♥ Fitz ♥ Marella ♥ Stina, Sophie ♥ Tam ♥ Biana ♥ Keefe ♥ Linh ♥ Dex ♥ Jensi ♥ Fitz ♥ Stina, Sophie ♥ Tam ♥ Marella ♥ Dex ♥ Biana ♥ Fitz ♥ Linh♥ Sophie and Fitz, Sophie ♥ Keefe ♥ Marella ♥ Dex ♥ Biana ♥ Glimmer, Sophie ♥ Marella ♥ Dex ♥ Biana ♥ Fitz ♥ Sophie and Biana ♥ Wylie ♥ Linh, Alden and Alina ♥ Alden and Della ♥ Brant and Jolie ♥ Elwin and Physic ♥ Grady and Edaline ♥ Cassius and Gisela ♥ Oralie and Kenric ♥ Quinlin and Physic ♥ Tiergan and Prentice ♥ Tam and Glimmer, Bo and Ro ♥ Cad and Ro ♥ Lur and Mitya ♥ Sandor and Grizel ♥ Silveny and Greyfell. Fitz says she's the most powerful elf their world has ever known. Sophie feels sweaty and fidgety from Fitz's attention. He is sometimes called this, mainly by Keefe. When Sophie communicates with Keefe several times in Lodestar, Fitz shows jealousy and disappointment. Known Black Swan Members He shoves Keefe out of the way to offer her a mental boost. You’re safe.”. But hearts could be foolish things.” ― Shannon Messenger, Flashback. Alden seems to have an understanding of Fitz's need to help Sophie on her missions and allows him to go with her willingly. Follow. Fitz[1]Fitzy[2]Wonderboy[3]Fitzter[4]Chandelier Head [5]Pretty Boy [6] Book 1: Keeper of the Lost CitiesSan Diego museum Fitz, looking sad, leaves Sophie by leaping away, and Sophie interprets this as them breaking up. They have a pair of matching rings that snap together when their minds connect. 836), Biana says that Fitz and Sophie looked "cozy" in the. For their Cognate training, they have to reveal all of their secrets, which makes their relationship even more intimate. Sophie's face bursts into flames when Fitz tells her that he heard her voice when she transmitted to him. “Shhhh,” Fitz whispered. The girls won, and Fitz noted that he owed Sophie a favor. There is a strange edge to Fitz's words as he responds to Keefe asking to visit Alvar with them. And that you came when I called for help and saved me from fading away. Sophie assures him that she'll love it. They find a leaping crystal in an envelope that Keefe had not seen yet. Because I can.". The adorable way his arms cradled Mr. Snuggles against his bandaged chest. She’s a Telepath --someone who hears the thoughts of everyone around her. When Sophie is kidnapped, she transmits to Fitz, who eventually helps rescue her at the Four Seasons Tree. Dex used to not like the Vackers because of them being one of the noblest families in the Lost Cities, while Dex is a child of a “bad match”. You know that, right?" Book Cover Sophitz/Fitzphie is the romantic/friendship pairing between Sophie Elizabeth Foster and Fitzroy Avery Vacker. Fitz rants to Sophie about Alvar and his family's reputation problems. They are always there for moral support, often crying or laughing together. The next day, Fitz and Sophie have a fight, as she and Keefe took over Fitz's project with Lord Cassius, and also ended up having a run in with Alvar, in which Keefe and Sophie let Alvar go in exchange for information. Special Ability We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use … Fitz is also caring towards his friends and those he likes, especially Sophie. Fitz shows Sophie where the override for Everglen is because she is the only one he trusts. Sophie blushed when Fitz asked her if she missed him. “Sophie’s stomach wrenched as she sat beside him. When Alvar gets his memories back, he immediately rejoins the Neverseen. Source: foster-fan-club kotlc keeper of the lost cities hunter x hunter hxh killua hxh gon hxh sophie foster keefe sencen kotlc analysis kotlc v.s. (Pg.20) 3. Add new page. Della also goes with Sophie, Fitz, Dex, Keefe, and Biana to join the Black Swan, however, only Biana knows before they go underwater. Sophie is very loyal and smart. Sophie says that even though it wasn't everything, it was a, Edaline says, "...there's nothing embarrassing about the way he (Fitz) was looking at you, Sophie. Sophie begins to avoid Fitz and shares secrets with her other friends, such as Keefe. [Photo of Sophie and Fitz with a line drawn between them, connecting them to a photo of me, family-tree style.] (Pg.19) 2. Please tag your works with the hashtags #sokeefitz week 2020 #sokeefitz week . Fitz waits at the Healing Center with a comatose Keefe while Sophie leaves to visit her home for a bit. Sophie and Fitz clearly find one another attractive as shown by frequent compliments. ", Fitz kisses Sophie on the cheek and whispers "trust me" again. Sophie inflicts on Lady Gisela with the help of Fitz and Keefe, but Tam rescues her and leaps away. Fitz Vacker (Fits Vack-er), also known as "Wonderboy" to Dex and "Fitzy/Fitzter/Lord Of The Snuggles" to Keefe, is a seventeen-year-old elf (as of Flashback). Sophie can't help but stare in amazement at Fitz's portrait, and then she starts crying because she can't hold in her feelings any longer. Sophie's name means "wisdom," which could mean that Fitz is seeking Sophie. Fitz was the second-youngest elf to get his nexus off, until his sister, Biana, broke his record. Fitz teasingly says that he hopes Keefe isn't getting into Sophie's head too much. That might be proof that it still needs to happen." My brother is @Fitz___Vacker My dad is @Alden___Vacker My mom is @Della__Vacker Sophie is @-SophieFoster-Featured Project. ", "... clinging to the one memory that could shine a tiny spot of light in this thick inky haze. The best part was she actually believed him. Fitz saves Sophie from burning by yanking her away from Fintan. In Nightfall, Linh impresses Fitz many times with her water powers. Sophie attempted to change his mind, which turned out to be pointless. Alden banned Fitz from leaving the house until he finished his matchmaking packet, but he finished right away the next day. When the Vackers find out, they are distraught that their son/brother was lying for so long, and the family goes through a time of anger as well as grief. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Pairing Name Hi, thnka for checking in, I'm still a piece of Garbage! “By the way,” he murmured, pressing Mr. Snuggles against his heart. When Fitz finally finds out, he seems intent on discovering Sophie's biological parents so they could be matched. Sophie says that she does trust him, then he says, "then trust this" and they are about to kiss when, Fitz comforts Sophie when they learn the baby, Fitz spins Sophie around after Silveny successfully gives birth and the twins are transported. Keefe hates his last name and wants it changed. They are then sent to Exillium. Fitz tells Sophie how he sat next to her, giving her a dose of, ​​​Fitz offers Sophie his hand, and Sophie takes it, Fitz apologizes for his behavior, saying he was being stupid and that he was angry, but not angry at. It’s a talent she’s never known how to explain. Forkle.). Fitz is able to transmit to Sophie even when she is very far away. Fitz meets Linh after being banished to Exillium. Whether or not they will get back together is unknown. Fitz says he'll keep trying anyway. -, "They stretched out their minds, and Fitz's consciousness seemed to merge with Sophie's as they moved almost like a dance, sweeping around barriers and sidestepping defenses. Bun-Bun ♦ Ella the Elephant ♦ Harry the Jackalope ♦ Lady Sassyfur ♦ Mr. Snuggles ♦ Mrs. Stinkbottom ♦ Stinky the Stegosaurus. When Sophie is appointed as a regent and leader of Team Valiant, the councilors explain to her that the reason Fitz isn’t a part of the team is because they feel that Sophie and Fitz’s connection is so strong and that Sophie relies on their cognate partnership so much, that … Fitz gets seriously injured in Exile by being thrown back onto an arthropleura's antennae. Fitz is extremely devoted to things he finds important to complete/sustain, sometimes to the point of being overly obsessed with certain ideas. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Fitz won't give up trying to make up for being mad at Sophie while Alden's mind was broken. The two hold hands often, mostly during Cognate training, for moral support, and to express affection. Alvar Soren Vacker/The Boy Who Disappeared ♦ Brant ♦ Fintan Pyren ♦ Gethen ♦ Jolie Lucine Ruewen ♦ Lady Gisela ♦ Ruy Ignis ♦ Trix ♦ Umber ♦ Vespera, Important Bodyguards My best friend is Sophie Foster and My annoying brother is Fitz Vacker. Fitz is 17 and a Level Six at Foxfire, while Sophie is 15 and a Level Four. No time limit. Fitz has heat in his eyes that makes Sophie's cheeks feel warm. He joined the Black Swan during this time. Sandor ♦ Grizel ♦ Flori ♦ Romhilda ♦ Botros ♦ Nubiti ♦ Tarina, Other This results in a conflict in values, which eventually causes them to break up. He learns of Sophie's unmatchable status, and Sophie tells him that she is searching for her biological parents. Fitz let her cry on his shoulder when she had to leave her human life behind. One of the secrets Fitz shares with Sophie is Mr. Snuggles, a sparkly red dragon given to him by Elwin to help him cope with the grief of losing his father when Alden's mind was broken. Although they admit their feelings for each other and act in a more romantic way than before, they make the decision not to date yet, much to Grady's relief. She cheers him on when he is splotching against. He is one of the many Vackers and currently lives at Everglen. Later in the book, however, their friendship is fractured due to Alden's mind break, which Fitz gets mad and takes it out on her, resulting in Sophie blaming herself. Sophie forgets to let go of Fitz's hand when they're finished light leaping, and she realizes how hard she's been squeezing it. Fitz said. Fitz catches Sophie from falling for what must have been the 2-billionth time. Everglen is the residency of the Vackers (Fitz, Biana, Alvar, Alden, Della). Friends/Cognates/formerly "dating" The eye on the right is green; the eye on the left is half green and half hazel, split down the middle.] When the time comes to fight the Neverseen in Loamnore, Fitz chooses to be in a different group than Sophie, and his group fights traitor dwarves in the Main Marketplace. He said if Sophie didn't use the favor in a month it became his. Sophie recalls how much Fitz has done for her and tells it to him, making him smile. Luzia is Fallon's half-sister. Unique Fitz Vacker Posters designed and sold by artists. Throughout the series, Sophie and Fitz have had a unique bond that has allowed them to become Cognates as their trust in one another increased. A pair of beautiful eyes. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He is also much taller than Sophie, as stated in Everblaze. Fitz says that all the trouble he went through to find Sophie was worth it. Sophie tells Fitz that once she gets her parents back, she'll do the trust exercises with him... and not hold anything back (since she was hiding her crush on him.) Keefe called Sophie Fitz's girlfriend and also called Fitz Sophie’s boyfriend and neither Fitz nor Sophie corrected him. Keefe says that he's pretty sure the whole group was waiting for Sophie and Fitz to figure it out. Personality Edit Fitz was obviously angry at Keefe, especially when they met with Sophie, where he teased them. Alden Vacker ♦ Elwin ♦ Lady Cadence Talle ♦ Lord Cassius ♦ Edaline Ruewen ♦ Grady Ruewen, Elves (Category) Favorite: Joined 10-31-20, id: 14452171, Profile Updated: 11-14-20: Author has written 1 story for Keeper of the Lost Cities. That boy is. In Lodestar, Fitz revealed to Sophie that his name is short for Fitzroy. When Alden's mind is broken in Exile, Fitz gets furious. Prior to attending Exillium, he is able to levitate up and down. They have trust exercises that consist of sharing secrets about themselves that they haven't told anyone else. Fitz tells Sophie "You can do this." “We could all use a little more weird in our lives.” -Fitz Vacker, “You’ve almost died enough times, it‘s my turn now.” - Fitz Vacker, “I’m still figuring out how to make it up to you.”- Fitz Vacker, “Dude, she is seriously going to stab you.” - Fitz Vacker. Residence He is also very devoted and loyal to his friends. “Just more proof that Fitzphie’s the best,” Fitz told him, with a wink that shouldn’t have made Sophie’s heart flutter. Fitz assumes the worst when Sophie and Keefe are together, due to romantic undertones in their relationship. Fitz has one family while Sophie has three (human, adopted, and genetic). As for Terik… you know what, he has twin vibes too. Fitz admits his feelings for her when he said that she was the only one he wanted on his matchmaking lists. Mar 28, 2018 - “It's okay, we could all use a little more weird in our lives.” —Fitz Vacker, in Exile .. She is mostly oblivious to the boys who like her, and she is very talented. Fitz Vacker Keefe Sencen Part 1 Keefe Sencen Part 2 Sophie Foster Emotions Decisions and Boy Talk Winnowing Gala Part 1 Winnowing Gala Part 2 Winnowing Gala Part 3 Winnowing Gala Part 4 and after Foxfire Operation Taste the Rainbow KOTLC but it's gay now Date Prep Not An Update New Reading List. Fitz tells Sophie how hard it was to be trapped in a force field, watching them hurt Sophie. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Or," he said, " we could skip the talking." Fitz says that the words he uses to enter Sophie's mind are "It's me. before she opens her minds to all the prisoners in, Sophie screams in terror and sorrow when Fitz is skewered by the, Sophie does her best to help Fitz heal after he is injured, by spending time with him after, Fitz insisted on helping Sophie down from the arch she was hanging from saying that he "would not leave her up there" when the, Fitz boosted Sophie's concentration and left Exillium to find the sick. Sophie says that they should just be friends right now, even though he does make her heart still flutter, and Fitz agrees. Sophie puts her hair into a sleek twisty ponytail (courtesy of. When Biana asks Fitz why he hasn't told Sophie yet, he says he's waiting for the right time. Fitz visits Sophie when she is recovering. '"So that still freaks you out, huh? 292 hardcover), When Fitz hugs Sophie before leaving for the healing center Sophie can't help leaning closer, "when she realized his pulse felt as crazy as hers.". Fitz insists on going into Fintan's mind with Sophie so that he can protect her and be sure she's safe. In Exile, Fitz constantly helps Sophie, even saving her when she teleports and ends up dangling from a tree. Fitz came by when Sophie was constantly under, Fitz tells Sophie that it's not her fault and that the, When Sophie is piling up memories of love to inflict, Fitz insists on staying with Sophie to help. albums only; prose and plot will come at a later date Part 1 of Kids With a Dream (Band AU) "She studied the relaxed lines of his features. They often play Base Quest with Biana and Sophie and they play Bramble against each other. Fitz's eyes.". What I'm working on. In Exile, Fitz accuses Sophie of being the reason why his father, Alden, ends up with a broken mind. Calla ♦ Barth the Reaper ♦ Brier ♦ Lur ♦ Mitya ♦ Sior ♦ Gora ♦ Gerda ♦ Yuri ♦ Amisi, Dwarves (Category) “You’re back. She asks if she'll ever se… It is an ancient property. “I’m glad I’m awake.”, “So am I,” she admitted. -Fitz Vacker, "No pressure. Fitz leaves Sophie with Mr. Snuggles even though it's clear he'll miss Mr. Snuggles. Dex takes him back to the Black Swan's hideout to get treated by Physic, the Black Swan's physician. Aliases She is usually seen playing Base Quest with Sophie, Fitz, and Keefe. Sophie tells Fitz that she trusts him too. Another is Sophie's unmatchable status, which Fitz felt was integral to solve in order to sustain their relationship. An example of this would be his search for Alvar, which became something incredibly important to him. This shows how much Fitz cares for Biana. Fitz has Elvin siblings while Sophie (to the best of our knowledge) does not. When Sophie and Fitz were about to kiss, Keefe interrupted. During the period of Alden's mind break, Keefe tells Fitz about how his harsh words and actions towards Sophie had affected her, and he humbly apologizes. Fitz is very patient throughout this process, even though Sophie keeps blocking him out of her mind in instinctual self-protection. Submit; About; Archive; Anonymous asked: Oralie or Terik? Sophie confesses that she can't share who her biological parents are and that she will most likely have to stay unmatchable. They both blush when. Sometimes I wish you saw yourself a, Fitz brushes tears out of her face, and Sophie "pretty much melted against his hand. However, they are caught by surprise when Lady Gisela and Tam ambush them. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; sokeefitz-week-2020. Fitz can allow light to pass through him and disappear for a short period of time, as shown in Book 1. "Since I'm betting Pretty Boy's going to spend most of his time staring at you as he listens to your dreams." KotLC true or false quiz, how well do you know KotLC? You know that right?” Fitz whispered. Sophie Foster mentions he looks like a younger version of Alden Vacker, his dad. (pg. ". It is unknown if he has liked her before. They both have a stuffed animal (Sophie has. Fitz tells Sophie "I'll always be here if you need me.". Fitz struck Sophie as very cute at first, and the two now have a strong bond. His office consisted of a huge desk in the center, and a floor-to-ceiling aquarium around most of the wall. Sophie has liked Fitz since book 1, while Biana mentions Fitz had liked Sophie since Neverseen. He calls Dex "Deck", by mistake. In Everblaze, it is shown that the two have an extremely unique telepathic connection, and they started training to be cognates in Neverseen, They start to do trust exercises and Fitz tells Sophie about Mr.Snuggles. And when she swallowed, it was so loud, she was sure the entire world heard it. " She is currenly in a love triangle between Fitz vacker and Keefe sencen. Fitz says that he would not have let Sophie be taken by. He was only beat once, by Sophie. Needing comfort, Fitz began to rely on his stuffed pal which he can no longer sleep without. In memorial of Sophie Foster (Fitz) Finding the mysterious miss F (Keefe) And maybe eventually a fifth one, from Sophie's perspective. It seems Fitz is very close to his father and respects him, and cares about him a lot. When Sophie finds herself stuck in a tree (from using a brain push), and nearly about to fall, Fitz jumps into the air and catches her. Male Fitz tells Sophie she looks really beautiful, and 'scores the most boyfriend points. “But... you have to be super careful, okay?”. Fitz's real name (Fitzroy) can be split into two parts, Fitz and Roy. Fitz is also the one Sophie transmits to when she and Dex are kidnapped by the Neverseen. Sophie Foster was raised among humans although she is not human, and was brought to the Lost Cities and adopted by Grady and Edaline, she then started to attend Foxfire as a Level Two. Fitz spins Sophie around and hugs her tightly for the second time. In Book 5: Lodestar, Sophie bakes Fitz his favorite dessert, ripplefluffs, which makes him smile “his first real smile in weeks.” They have had some rocky areas in their relationship, most notably in Book 2: Exile when Fitz blamed Sophie for his father’s mind breaking, but Fitz later apologizes when he realizes that it was only his grief making him irrational. Fitz, Biana, and Sophie have a sleepover at Dex's house. A few days later, Fitz makes up with Sophie, and apologizes for how he was hurt her, but they agree to remain just friends for the time being. In Everblaze, Fitz and Sophie have telepathy lessons together and learn to truly trust each other in order to heal Fintan's broken mind. He was so determined to be angry that it was honestly kind of adorable.”, “Sophie turned to him, so relieved to see his beautiful eyes staring at her that she didn’t care he’d been eavesdropping.”, “It made her wish her Polyglot ability worked for translating Cute Boy so she could figure out if that was supposed to be a compliment.”, “What I was still out of it, I heard your voice in my head- I think it’s why I woke up.”, “Just more proof that Fitzphie’s the best,” Fitz told him, with a wink that shouldn’t have made Sophie’s heart flutter. Twelve-year-old Sophie Foster has a secret. When Sophie forgets to ask permission to enter Fitz's mind and starts apologizing Fitz shrugs and says that he doesn't mind Sophie knowing what he's thinking because he trusts her. After learning that Lady Gisela most likely killed a human who was somehow involved in her grand plan, Fitz, Keefe, and Sophie sneak off to London in an attempt to find a hidden crystal that Lady Gisela used to leap away with after supposedly finishing the deed. Fitz insists that Sophie should not thank him, as he knew what was going to happen. ​Biana is Fitz's little sister. He also helps her get through having to leave her human family behind. They break up when they fight over whether or not Sophie should continue looking for her biological parents. Sophie wonders if him saying that he trusts her meant something more. Sophie spent her first years in the Forbidden Cities, while Fitz has lived the entirety of his life in the Lost Cities. You set the pace and I'll just...follow your lead. Sophie and Fitz drawn by Shannon Messenger, Her face tried its best to burst into flames. Fitz can change the temperature of his body, which is a skill that can be learned at Exillium. As Sophie briefly meets up with Fitz's group before heading to the Healing Center with an unconscious Keefe, Fitz comforts Sophie telepathically. Linh possibly has a crush on Fitz, maybe because he was good-looking or because of other reasons. Sophie Foster mentions he looks like a younger version of Alden, his dad. Fitz tells Sophie that she could never let him down and that she's not allowed to worry about him. Gender They hold hands (which gives Sophie "a zillion tingles") and Fitz admits that he'd been looking forward to sitting next to her. Sophie is a regent in the nobility while Fitz is not. After the destruction, Fitz visited Sophie regularly. Fitz is one of the two people whom Sophie trusts enough to let into her mind (the other one being the elf that created her, Mr. He sent a tidal wave of heat, launching everything up, up, up—through softness and sludginess and pain and relief until she was back in her body, shivering in a pair of warm arms that held her close and careful and wouldn’t let her fall. Important Information Sophie says it's like ", Sophie visits Fitz to help him with the council's verdict on Alvar. In Keeper of the Lost Cities, Fitz is the one who located and took Sophie to the Elvin world. "[8] The meaning of "Avery" is "ruler of the elves," which comes from the Old English[9] words "aelf," meaning "elf," and "ric," meaning "king/power."[10]. He is described to be strong-featured with prominent cheekbones, similar to Alden Vacker. Both are always concerned for the other’s well being, sometimes above their own, and provide each other with support. When Linh uses her Hydrokinesis, he usually says "Wow", either in awe of her powers or her appearance. Alden is Fitz's father. Fitz's echoes are in his heart, affecting his emotions. Any ideas?" Fitz gets off of the Arch of Dividing, by doing what Sophie called "a gold medal-worthy flip" to the top of the arch, then untying the knot and levitating to the ground. Near the end of Lodestar, Fitz reminded Sophie of the favor she owed him, but recommend that they "skip the talking". It was originally built by Luzia Vacker, and when ALden Vacker moved in he renovated most of the property, leaving only the office. Fitz didn't seem very happy to see Keefe, as Keefe had left them all without explanation for a long time. Biana is found later, but with injuries, making Fitz snap at her sister to be more careful. In Legacy, Fitz and Keefe seem tense with each other often, though they have a brief moment of reconciliation in the middle of the book, where the two mutually call each other best friends. Sophie is about to tell Fitz that she likes him but Keefe interrupts. And even though he’s two grade levels ahead of Sophie, Fitz cares about her more than she knows (more than he knows, honestly). When they try to recreate the moment of trust on the beach (when they were bottling quintessence), and Sophie blushes because of how close Fitz is. Fitz comes over to check on her every night especially when she was in her ‘zombie mode'. In which Fitz (guitar, songwriter), Keefe (drums, vocals), Biana (piano, vocals), and Sophie (songwriter) form a band and change the world one song at a time. https://lost-cities-keeper.fandom.com/wiki/Sophie_and_Fitz?oldid=2531045. He also demonstrates this skill throughout the series. While hiking to catch up with Keefe, Fitz stays behind Sophie so he can catch her if she falls. Fitz was the elf that found her and showe… Fitz tells Sophie that there won't be a next time (referring to him being angry at her), Fitz tells Sophie that no matter what happens, they'll always still be friends, Sophie hopes that Keefe can't tell that her "heart is doing the embarrassing fluttery thing it always did whenever she met Fitz's impossibly teal eyes. Status However, Fitz's determined nature also is incredibly helpful to him, as it always gives him a cause and a goal to accomplish, and leaves him very dedicated to movements he agrees with, such as the Black Swan.