Well now, you too can learn just what he was ‘talking’ about! Hawaiian slang is mostly based on the long standing local pidgin dialect that has made its way into popular culture and used by most of the local folks on the islands. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Want to test your knowledge?  Here is a great video we found quizzing some of these Hawaiian slang (and one or two that we didn’t cover). Although only a few people speak Hawaiian, many Hawaiian words and pidgin (Hawaiian slang) are used in everyday speech. This term of contempt for someone from Massachusetts was added to … Answer. Slang dictionary. A term used when talking about ono grinds… Broke da mout is used when your food is so good it basically "broke your mouth." Aloha can mean lots of things, like Hello, goodbye, love, affection, kindness, or graciousness. Surfer slang has got to be one of the most unique and recognizable slangs in the English language. Example: “During the holidays I’m going to go visit my ohana on the mainland.”. Example: "That movie was terrible." Hawaiian Pidgin English, known locally as Pidgin, is spoken by many HawaiÊ»i residents, and words and phrases from ʻōlelo HawaiÊ»i (Hawaiian language) has also become the norm here in the Islands. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. A Brief Introduction to Hawaiian Slang. Cusstionary.com - The Internet’s … She loves hiking, snorkeling, locally-grown coffee, and finding the best acai bowl on Oahu. Definition - a fawning subordinate; a suck-up. While many residents use English or Hawaiian, many locals speak Pidgin. After college, she chose to trade in her winter boots for slippahs and moved to the beautiful island of Oahu, where she has been living for more than five years. Example: “I went snorkeling out by Makua Beach and the water had choke opihi.”. Lua (loo-ah) slang for restroom. / Suggest a translation to the Wehewehe Wikiwiki Community Dictionary for consideration. We know you’ll be using this phrase, which means “Once more, again.”  Especially after you join in on our dolphin swim tour, Dolphins and You! Quite literally, "I can’t." Maika'i Ahhh, English. They are listed here for educational purposes, we don’t recommend you use them in public. Delicious, scrumptious. Example: “You wanna go get some grindz?  I’m starving!”. Kane is for the men and wahine is for the ladies.howzit – the all around Hawaiian-style greeting asking in easy going short form, “How is everything going?”shaka – the universal hand gesture of Hawaii that can be used as a form of thanks, a greeting, or a good bye. Sensitive readers should not proceed. As in, "Braddah, let’s go to Rainbow Drive In for some ono grinds.". Very mild, yet apparently originated as rhyming slang for "Berkeley hunt". Hawaiian Idioms, Catch Phrases, Expletives and Interjections Idioms, Catch Phrases, Expletives and Interjections ... Manini is slang for stingy, and has nothing to do with the striped reef fish. Lolo: Dumb, idiot, dummy. Asked by Wiki User. Just click here to learn more and book your tour today! As seen in Jurassic Park and Lost! Not necessarily derogatory, depends on context. what the heck does that mean? This tropical greeting is known around the world, but its literal meaning is ‘love’. Teasing your friends or full on insulting other drivers in traffic is a common part of life in Port-au-Prince. "Word." The following Haitian Creole […] Dictionary.com’s slang dictionary brings you slang definitions, plus everything you ever needed to know about American English slang words, Gen Z slang, British slang, and more! Example: “I saw my friend down the way and threw him a shaka.”. With more than 10 years of experience as a professional writer, Megan holds a degree in Mass Media from her home state of Minnesota. Lomi Lomi (low-mee-low-mee) Massage. Example: “Wow!  You play the ukulele so good!  Hana hou!”. Haole (/ ˈ h aʊ l iː /; Hawaiian ) is a Hawaiian term for individuals who are not Native Hawaiian or Polynesian.In Hawaii, it may mean any foreigner or anything else introduced to the Hawaiian islands of foreign origin, though it is most commonly applied to people of European ancestry.. Thank you! On an island everything is either “makai” (ocean side) or “mauka” (mountain side).  It is often used when giving directions to indicate if you should be heading towards the water or towards the mountains. The Hottest Spots To See Sea Turtles in Hawaii, The Top 5 Facts About Diamond Head Crater, Oahu. This is easily my favorite slang term used in Hawaii. Right here what we got is the sick guide to the glossary of surf terms and surf slang. 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